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A desktop application for fast UML diagramming.

Tab Management


The tab management feature concerns how tabs are created, activated, de-activated, and closed by either the application or the user.


At runtime the application is controlled by an instance of EditorFrame. The EditorFrame object aggregates a WelcomeTab instance and any number of DiagramTab instances through JavaFX’s tabbed pane mechanism. Within the methods of EditorFrame, the currently selected frame can be obtained through a call to getSelectedDiagramTab().

JetUML Class Diagram

The WelcomeTab is created as part of the instantiation of EditorFrame, and is only shown if no other diagram is visible. This functionality is achieved through the use of the method showWelcomeTabIfNecessary(). In contrast, DiagramTab instances are created (and inserted into the TabPane) and destroyed (and removed from the TabPane) through user operations. The method to insert a DiagramTab into the TabPane is insertGraphFrameIntoTabbedPane(DiagramTab), which is called through the event handlers for the File | New | [DiagramType] menus.

A new DiagramTab instance is created whenever a new menu is selected (or a file is open). The following scenario shows the response to the selection of a new diagram menu:

JetUML Class Diagram